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Louis M. Tarasi, Jr.

510 Third Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone     412-391-7135

Email       lmt@tarasilaw.com

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Jason C. Tetlow

310 Grant Street – Suite 700

Pittsburgh, PA  15219

Phone     412-248-9600

Email       jason@tetlowlaw.com
Practice Focus:  Personal Injury General, Personal Injury Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury Product

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Frederick W. Thieman

151 Fort Pitt Boulevard - 1103 
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Phone     412-654-4540

Email       fwthieman@thiemanlegal.com

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Justice Debra Todd

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

One Oxford Centre - Suite 3130

Pittsburgh, PA  15219

Phone     412-565-268

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J. Elise Tourek

Law Office of Robert C. Tourek

2559 Brandt School Road
Wexford, PA 15090
Phone     412-364-6990

Email       jetourekesq@gmail.com

Jaiime S. Tuite

501 Grant Street - Suite 200

Pittsburgh, PA  15219-4413

Phone     412-562-8419

Email       jaime.tuite@bipc.com

Practice Focus:  Employment Matters, Restrictive Covenants

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H. Woody Turner

210 Sixth Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA  15222-2613

Phone     412-355-6478

Email       woodruff.turner@klgates.com