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Appellate Court Committee - Federal

Kenneth M. Argentieri, Chair

Rick W. Bode, Vice Chair

Distinguished Service Award Committee

Thomas T. Frampton, Chair 

Diversity Committee

Dianne S. Wainwright Co-Chair

Ronald L. Hicks, Co-Chair

Endowment Fund Board

John C. Evans, Board Chair

Federal Court Committee

Samuel W. Braver, Chair

Eric G. Soller, Vice Chair

Finance Committee

David A. Strassburger, Treasurer

Howard J. Schulberg, Assistant Treasurer

Law School Committee - Duquesne University

Steven M. Barth, Chair

Michael W. Calder, Vice Chair

Law School Committee - University of Pittsburgh

Pamela V. Collis, Chair

Gregory Unatin, Vice Chair

Masters of Trial Advocacy Retreat Committee

Shelly R. Pagac, Chair

Robert E. Dapper, Jr., 1st Vice Chair 

Laura D. Phillips, 2nd Vice Chair

Retreat Case Search Committee

Membership Committee

Matthew L. Kurzweg, Chair

Sandra S. Neuman, Vice Chair

Mock Trial Competition Committee

Max Petrunya, Chair

Katie Adams Killion, 1st Vice Chair

Mark A. Smith, 2nd Vice Chair

Nominating Committee

Veronica Richards, Chair

Samuel W. Braver, Vice Chair

Program Committee

David M. Chmiel, Chair

Brian T. Must, Vice Chair


Symposium on Civil Trial Practice in Western Pennsylvania

Brian O'Connor, Chair

David M. Landay, Vice Chair

Trial Advocacy Program Committee

Brian T. Must

Stanley J. Parker

David A. Strassburger

Trial Advocacy Program - UVA Scholarship Committee

Sandra P. Kozlowski

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