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The Academy of Trial Lawyers, representative of both plaintiffs and defendants in diverse fields of practice, pursues serious and sustained discourse among its members and judges to promote intellectual, ethical and personal understanding and accomplishment.  The Academy embodies its principles in the qualities, diversity and expectations of its members; their commitment to justice, the rights of individuals and the common good; and their sustained professionalism, intellectual openness and willingness to be a constructive force in the judicial process.  The Academy fosters development, improvement and accomplishment of the highest quality of advocacy before our Courts.  Members are dedicated to social justice, innovation in response to changes in our trial practice, the responsibilities of freedom and the importance of trial by jury.


The Academy encourages and promotes its members to be responsible and active participants in this association and the legal community and to share generously in service to each other, to our Courts, to the citizens of Allegheny County and beyond.  The Academy encourages a close and appropriate relationship between its members and the judges of our Courts, promoting mutual respect, an independent judiciary, and integrity in judicial administration.


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