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Honorable Joseph F. Weis, Jr. Distinguished Service Award

Every year, the Distinguished Service Award Committee meets to determine a worthy recipient of this prestigious Award. The Award was established by the Board of Governors in January of 1991 and, at the 1997 Masters of Trial Advocacy Retreat, the Award was presented to a founding member of our Academy, Honorable Joseph F. Weis, Jr., and the Award was renamed the Honorable Joseph F. Weis Jr. Distinguished Service Award. This Award does not recognize services to the Academy, such as service as an officer or on a committee. Perhaps the highest honor bestowed by the Academy, the award is given to those members who have made a substantial contribution to the judicial system or the legal profession.


Past recipients of this prestigious award include:

1992 - Giles J. Gaca | Seymour A. Sikov
1993 - E. J. Strassburger | Michael J. Manzo
1997 - Honorable Joseph F. Weis, Jr.
1998 - Edwin L. Klett
1999 - Thomas L. Cooper
2001 - Honorable Donald Ziegler
2002 - Dennis C. Harrington
2004 - Roslyn M. Litman
2005 - David B. Fawcett
2006 - John J. McLean, Jr.
2007 - Vincent J. Grogan
2008 - Thomas Hollander
2009 - Honorable Robert J. Cindrich
2011 - William R. Caroselli
2013 - Michael Louik
2015 - Honorable Joseph A. Del Sole

2017 - Honorable Patricia L. Dodge

2018 - John P. Gismondi

2019 - Frederick W. Thieman

2023 - Honorable Donetta Ambrose

2023 - Charles Gibbons (posthumously)

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